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William Schantz Lists Why Auto Insurance is Essential

Necessity of Auto Insurance

Getting a car and wondering if car insurance is necessary? William Schantz lists why it’s essential to get auto insurance in this article. The right car insurance coverage will protect you in case of an accident. Even if the accident was not your fault, you would still be financially protected. If your vehicle undergoes any damages, you don’t have to worry about the costs as the insurance company will cover it.

Let’s look at why William Schantz believes auto-insurance is essential in detail below.

It’s Mandatory by Law

Each state has its law determining car insurance coverage. Acquiring car insurance for your vehicle is essential. There is a minimum driver required to purchase by law. There is also a limit to the amount insurance companies pay for a claim.

If you don’t have car insurance, you will have to pay from your pocket. You will have to pay for damage caused to your vehicle and the other vehicle. You will also have to get medical bills for yourself and the other party, which will be a complicated procedure; acquiring car insurance makes it simpler. However, your insurance policy and the premium will determine how much the insurance company will cover.

To Protect Yourself and Protect Others

William Schantz believes it goes unsaid that you need insurance to protect yourself and others. Through insurance, you can protect your fellow passengers and other drivers. You also need to get the right coverage that takes care of car damage or bodily injury caused to either party. Most car insurance policies provide a pre-determined amount for personal accident coverage. Personal accident coverage also protects against death or disability caused by road accidents.

Damage to Vehicle

With car insurance coverage, you are protected if your vehicle is damaged. Your vehicle can be damaged in an accident, fire, or self-ignition. Also, if your car suffers any loss due to terrorism, riots, or theft, you will be covered. How much the insurance company will pay also depends on your coverage amount.

Peace of Mind

With car insurance, you have the peace of mind that you are protected if an unforeseen accident occurs. If another driver makes a mistake and your car gets damaged, you are still protected. If you have the right car insurance coverage, you will feel confident that you will have a safety net if an uninsured driver hits you.

Hassle-Free Procedure

William Schantz thinks having good car insurance can save you time and hassle. Being involved in a car accident is tedious and time-consuming. With the right car insurance coverage, you don’t have to negotiate with the other driver or property owner about the accident. Your car insurance will handle the entire procedure. The insurance company will also help with repairs, replacement, and vehicle towing.

William Schantz’s Final Word

Acquiring auto insurance is necessary by law. You can decide what kind of coverage you want. This coverage will be the cushion to fall back on in an unforeseen accident. You, your passengers, and other drivers will remain protected through this car insurance coverage.