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Post Retirement: Different Activities to Pick Up by William Schantz

Post Retirement: Different Activities to Pick Up by William Schantz

Severe depression might develop after retirement if there is nothing to do. It’s always a wise decision to have work to finish; idly passing the time is never wise. The ability to keep a busy schedule allows you to be creative and acquire skills and talents that will be very useful to you in the long run. Here, William Schantz provides a list of several activities one picks up after retirement to keep busy and prevent despair.

What To Do After Retirement? As Per William Schantz

Here is what you can do after retirement and avoid the depression which is prevalent in older people once they leave the hustle and bustle of their jobs.


Reading is a helpful hobby that can provide you with a lot of information regarding the world surrounding you. Additionally, it supports the growth of strong linguistic skills. Choose any type of literature you like and start reading it at whatever time of day suits you, advises William Schantz so that you can concentrate.

Learn to Play an Instrument

If you enjoy making music, learning an instrument is the best use of time after retirement. Whether a flute, keyboard, violin, or anything else seems an excellent way to keep yourself busy and develop new skills.

Participating in Sports

If you wish to maintain your health, it is imperative that you stay active. Try any game you like, whether golf, volleyball, kayaking or anything else. Enjoy it, and pay attention to how it improves your mood. William Schantz thinks maintaining a busy lifestyle is essential to finding peace after retirement.


Alternatively, baking is a fantastic alternative if you prefer investing time in the kitchen. Numerous recipes are accessible online. Find something enjoyable to do, and prepare a tasty cake for your kids and yourself.


Painting is the most efficient method for using your imagination. Colors may help you express yourself whether or not you are artistic. Start with a blank canvas and let inspiration come from everywhere. You’ll ultimately start to enjoy it and realize how happy it makes you feel as you see your product come to life. Most people choose this pastime to stay active after retiring as it is both soothing and low-effort.


Writing is an excellent way of expressing oneself. It is a great way to focus your attention on the right areas. Write whatever it is you appreciate composing, stories, opinion pieces, blogs, or any other format that enables you to express your opinions—to let your imagination run wild.

Bottom Line by William Schantz

You may make the most of your spare time after retiring by taking William Schantz’s advice on worthwhile pastimes. It’s always a good idea to focus your creative spirit in the right place. In order to avoid missing the hectic work life one had prior to retirement, one must choose to navigate a certain path. These activities can also be a way to start a startup after retirement and earn money easily.