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How To Save Up for Retirement as A Gen Z? William Schantz Answers

How To Save Up for Retirement as A Gen Z? William Schantz Answers

Although people believe they have plenty of time to think about the future now that they are younger, retirement plans and preparing for the future seems like a distant concept. When they attain that age, the majority of people treat their post-retirement preparation as an afterthought and struggle.

You go through life hustling and working hard to attempt to make ends meet while learning from your parents that we should only begin saving today. This is due to the realization you get at that age that investing for the future ought to have been a top priority during your working hours. However, the majority of today’s youth believe that these are the “old folks” views and that circumstances have evolved over time.

Generation Z on Retirement As Per William Schantz

There is no denying that things have changed, and since our parents likely began having children at an early age, they were ready to own homes, pay off student loans, and marry far earlier than members of our generation. William Schantz is aware of the unique characteristics of Gen Z; if you tell a 20-something that they need to start saving, they will probably give you a strange look. Both costs and the concept of saving money have evolved from generation to generation.

Gen Z has been found to struggle more with saving money for the future as compared to older generations. However, because we Gen Z must retire at some point, why not start prioritizing our needs for retirement savings today and stop treating it as an afterthought? Here is a retirement savings guide for Gen Z if you agree with William Schantz and are in your twenties.

How To Save Up for Retirement as A Gen Z? William Schantz Answers

Spend Less And Begin Saving Right Away!

We believe it goes without saying that you should get started right away. Take it from us: if you don’t put money aside now, you’ll never find the appropriate moment to do it. The more money you are able to save by the time of your retirement, the earlier you start saving. Additionally, the more funds you have when you retire, the more secure your financial situation will be and the simpler it will be for you to pursue your long-term objectives.

Explore Different Investment Options 

Don’t put all of your money in one location in this era of wealth and savings. Diversify your investments and savings alternatives. Think about investing in low-risk opportunities and find new ways to save money.


The best way to live your life following retirement is to save for a better future. Start making plans and setting aside money now if you want a joyful, stress-free tomorrow where you can accomplish your objectives and enjoy time with your loved ones even after retirement. There is no denying that Gen Z is experiencing greater hardship than any prior generation. William Schantz, however, claims that Gen Z is also sharper and that possibilities are expanding, so be wise and begin tackling it right away!